AP: Fear Folio

Everyone is afraid of something. Whether that be the dark, ghosts, abandonment, or death, everyone has a fear. By asking people what their biggest fears are, I decided to explore and illustrate them trying to evoke a sense of unease or an eerie feeling. I was intrigued by a conversation I had with my mother discussing her biggest fear, learning more about her during our conversation. From this I wanted to listen to people and to understand what they are scared of and why. Using a wide range of media, depending on the subject matter, I sought to depict my subjects intimate fears focusing on composition and storytelling.

Starting my series, I drew a packed subway showing my mother’s fear of crowds. Compositionally, the viewer looks above the crowd as people span to no end. Using ink, the piece is monochromatic to show that this fear can be found in something as mundane as a subway ride. The level of detail also overwhelms the viewer, giving them a panicked feeling. In 2, I turned to myself depicting my fear: aliens. I fear that I’ll be outside as a UFO crashes to earth with slender beings emerging. I wanted the entities to have long features, especially in their hands. I created a hazy, disoriented scene unfolding in front of the viewer. For pieces 4, 5, 6, and 10 I decided to focus on fears that aren’t a concrete idea or subject, evolving my concentration from more conceptual to abstract. Piece 5 is and abstract piece showing fear of anxiety and being alone. I split the piece into a triptych showing the separation and the juxtaposition between the small man in the far right panel to the wave of emotion on the left. I used oil paint to create texture, building up paint as the wave grows larger, demonstrating the feeling of fear. I returned to more of a conceptual approach with pieces 3, 7, 8, 9,11, and 12. Every piece is a unique fear for people, and using different media, I illustrated each one, showing the subject when I was done.