In this collaborative piece with artist Emery Bergmann, we created and photographed a life sized costume based on the Max Ernst surrealist painting “Attirement of the Bride” 1940. After viewing the painting at its home in the Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice, Italy, I approached Emery with the idea of bringing the central figure of the painting, the bird woman, to the real world. Upon learning about Ernst concepts for this painting and his overall sexist, misogynistic, and eroticized lifestyle we felt it was necessary to liberate this female bird, based on his lover and fellow surrealist artist Lenora Carrington, figure from her male gaze point of view and give her autonomy in the real world. I wore the costume around Rome taking pictures and interacting with the historical spaces, showing some skin, covering up, and being completely in charge of how this character of the bride is presented, she took on a life of her own when photographed against the dramatic and sprawling backdrops of the city.