These Intaglio prints come from my time in Introduction to Printmaking at Cornell University. Most of this work explores the human figure through the context of death, plague, and space. Using soft ground etching, hard ground etching, and aquatint practices I have accumiyilated many skills to create these pieces within such an interesting and historical medium.

“Remains of the Day” 2018, Sugar-lift Aquatint 1/6
“Remains of the Day” 2018, Sugar-lift Aquatint 1/5
“Can’t Turn Back” 2018, Hard ground etching and Aquatint 1/2
This piece revolves around the notion of plague throughout history and modern times. Using imagery appropriated from Gustave Dore’s “Pestilence” print from his Seven Plagues of Egypt Series from 1866.
“Jack and the Beanstalk” 2018, Hard and Soft ground Etching 2/2
Reimagining the classic fairytale story of Jack and the Beanstalk into a simplistic 3 parts of the story breaking it into the growing of the stalk, the giant encounter, and then the destruction of the beanstalk.